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Welcome to Halifax Estates

Life in Bugthorpe, past and present, is intimately linked with the Halifax Family and Halifax Estates. Their office is located in the village, and almost all the buildings and surrounding land are part of Garrowby Estate. This estate, along with Hickleton, Heslington and Haywold estates, form Halifax Estates. They comprise land acquired by successive generations over more than two centuries.

Garrowby Estate is the largest of the Halifax estates and is the home of the Halifax Family. It covers 13,230 acres of arable land, grassland and woodland, with numerous farm and residential properties, a stud, a sawmill and a shoot. It extends from the edge of the Vale of York up onto the Yorkshire Wolds, at 250 metres above sea level. Much of the beautiful countryside is accessible to members of the public through an extensive network of footpaths, and some areas of “open access” under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act.

To find out more you can follow the links below to the Halifax Estate website:
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Telephone: 01759 368219      Email:      Address: Estate Office, Bugthorpe, York, YO41 1QG

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