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Jubilee Pasture

A community project to create a special place for people and wildlife


Thanks to National Lottery Players

Jubilee Pasture Aims

Developments of the site will be consistent with, and seek to achieve, the following aims:

● To create an area where the residents of Bugthorpe, Kirby Underdale and nearby villages, and visiting walkers and cyclists, can enjoy the flora and fauna of the site and benefit from the surrounding landscape.

The site will be visually attractive, in keeping with it being in the countryside rather than a garden, and will allow for people to walk throughout the area.

● To encourage existing plant species of conservation value, and to introduce additional plant species of conservation value.

Species will be native and within their natural range, with some exceptions for non-invasive historically naturalised species such as wild-type snowdrops (not cultivars). Wherever possible, seed and plant material will be obtained from non-commercial local sources to help maintain genetic diversity.

● To the create habitats for, and provide food for, invertebrates, birds, mammals, amphibians and fungi.

This will be achieved through vegetation management, creation of a pond and consideration of microhabitats such as dead wood.

Fertilisers (synthetic or organic) and insecticides will not be used. Herbicides will only be used as method of last resort.

● To educate people, especially children, about the nature and history of the local area.

This will be achieved through an interpretation board and through organised activities.


● To commemorate HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee of 2022.

This will be marked by an inscribed bench.


The developments will:

● Provide a range of one-off or regular activities in which residents can participate, and so benefit from the social activity and sense of contribution to the project.

● Be planned to ensure that they do not require undue time or cost in future maintenance or management.

● Be under the oversight of Bugthorpe and Kirby Underdale Parish Council but organised by the Friends of Jubilee Meadow. They will be agreed by the owner, Halifax Estates.

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